Are Freelancing Websites Worth It?

With how much the world has changed in the past few years and more and more of us choosing to become freelancers as opposed to employees, are freelancing sites worth it?

Resume for Freelance Writers: Benefits, Dos, and Don’ts

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u may think that freelance writers don’t need a traditional resume. Instead, they’d do just fine with a professional LinkedIn profile and good sales skills. But, you’ll be surprised how often prospects do ask for a resume to prove your professionalism.

How to Put Freelance Work on Your Resume

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Not so long ago, potential employers saw freelance work as less desirable, but that has drastically changed. Nowadays, freelance work is proof that you’re a go-getter who can work independently. However, you may wonder what’s the correct way to put freelance work on your resume. Well, don’t worry. Below are some tested ways to showcase […]

The Best Freelance Platforms in 2022

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Whether you are brand new to freelancing or a seasoned pro, making use of freelance platforms is one of the easiest ways to find new clients and maintain a steady stream of work, but which platform is best suited to you? Here’s our insider’s look at the best freelance platforms in 2022.

Is Upwork Worth It?

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attracts plenty of negative feedback from freelancers already dipped their toes in the water there. Which made new freelancers ask: is Upwork worth it?

Is Freelancing Right for Me?

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You asked the big question, so we’re here to give you some real, no BS answers. Is freelancer right for you? Let’s find out!