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stop sign for client red flags

We’ve all had clients from hell. We’ve all said “I should have realized when…” Many tears and unpaid invoices later, here is a list of eight proven client red flags telling you to bail out as quickly as you can.

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Find out all you need to know about Freelancing vs. Contracting vs. Agency Subcontracting.

unsplash banner dealing with difficult clients mad freelancer

Dealing with difficult clients may not be fun, but it is necessary if you want to grow. Learn to identify bad client red flags, the best conflict resolution approaches, and when to slam your foot down and say no.

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Three primary pricing models most freelancers use to charge for their services, plus invisible costs.

how to get paid quickly as a freelancer

The single hardest part about starting my freelance business was navigating the enigmatic cloud that is the topic of money. The question marks circling my head were limitless. How much …

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The freedom to work for yourself comes with the need to be self-disciplined so that you can earn the most money in your available time.

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Sometimes it’s inevitable to disagree with a client. Learn to resolve a conflict with a client to move forward into a more efficient relationship…

Talking to Clients About Money banner

Talking to clients about money can be scary, cringy, and even bring out freelancer imposter syndrome. It’s no fun but necessary if we want to keep the lights on. The …

introducing yourself to clients for freelancers banner hello sticker

Do you struggle to introduce yourself to clients as a freelancer? Learn to tailor a personal message that start a good relationship.

linkedin headshot banner

There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to taking a professional LinkedIn photo, but these tips can help you get started.

With how much the world has changed in the past few years and more and more of us choosing to become freelancers as opposed to employees, are freelancing sites worth it?

effective client communication 101 communicate with clients as a freelancer

Managing client communication as a freelance effectively is a crucial skill we should always be looking to improve on. Not only does it make our lives easier, but it also …